Scarf Exchange 2015

So I have a confession… I am a little bit of a blog addict. Specifically, I seem to really enjoy the ones written by Christian women about their style, life and homeschooling. Don’t ask me how I have found all of these or why I, as a single 20-something with no children in sight, am reading these but man, do I spend A LOT of time on the weekends catching up on these blogs. Courtney’s is one of my favorites so I was thrilled to read about this Scarf Exchange that she was hosting with a few other blog owners.

After some emails Lindsay from The Wild Ginger got my name and I was THRILLED at the scarf that she picked for me. IMG_4082

Seriously, y’all. It is warm and comfy and the color is on point! I love a good infinity scarf and I love it even more when I can pair it with at least 3 different tops off the top of my head.  I love window shopping and online shopping for scarves but I am not the best at buying them for myself. (Sweaters on the other hand, call the intervention! I am addicted!) This one is the perfect edition to my fall and winter wardrobe. What I love most is that Lindsay shopped locally with her sister-in-law’s boutique that I cannot wait to check out online. You should know that even though I am a part-time employee and avid shopper at the great ON, shopping locally and supporting small businesses is something I enjoy.

I got to shop for Laureen so stop over there and say hello!

Peace, Beth

PS- Check back this weekend for a day in the life post to prove I actually do more that run around in the woods playing hide and seek 🙂

7 thoughts on “Scarf Exchange 2015

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a gorgeous scarf! That mint green color is so pretty and it looks so warm!
    Thanks for participating in the scarf exchange with us!

  2. courtneyspena says:

    Aw Beth your sweet comment about my blog totally made my day! Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you joined us for the fall scarf exchange. I love what Lindsay picked out for you and am thrilled you had a great experience! 🙂

  3. courtneyspena says:

    Aw Beth your sweet comment about my blog made my day!! Thank you! I’m so glad you participated in the fall scarf exchange and am thrilled you had a good experience!

  4. so cute and it looks so warm and cozy.

  5. Whitney says:

    Your scarf looks so soft and cozy! I’m so glad you joined us in the Scarf Exchange 🙂

  6. […] AMAZING!  It’s like Christmas in fall!  I bought for Beth @ A Year as a Missionary.  {Don’t you just love her Magnolia Rein Scarf!}  That color is better than I imagined with […]

  7. YAAAAY! I’m so glad you like it! The color ROCKS with your hair! Thanks for the link up! ENJOY!

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