Never Say Never

Hi Friends!

Almost two years ago I thought we were done with this blog. I said my goodbyes and moved on from life in the woods. Well guess what? We’re going back! Life has taken some unintended (but really for the best) turns and I have found myself preparing to once again lead nature hikes, play games in the woods, build fires and teach young people about the wonders of the world around us!

In less than a week I will be headed to a new camp in central Ohio to work in their Nature’s Classroom program. A few differences already between this program and the previous one- it’s a secular camp. I haven’t worked in a secular environment since my summers in college and I surely didn’t need to explain creation and the wonders of the outdoors to people I was entertaining at the ball park! Second, I get to pick what I teach. This excites, intrigues and kindof worries me all at the same time. We’ll see what I end up choosing! Third, all nine staff members are sharing a house. The last time I lived with guys that were not in my immediate family was in an intentional community in college. We’ll see how this goes.

So that’s a brief little update on me. Please keep me in your prayers with this new transition- I’m nervous about working with people I don’t seem to have a lot in common with (yet), I’m excited to go back to doing something I love and I’m sad to leave my precious pup with my Dad for the next few months.

I’ll be interceding through my former boss, Paul Coakley, while I’m there to help me conquer my fears and be the absolute best version of myself while I’m with the kiddos. If you’d like to pray that he is with me, feel free to intercede through him too. Paul helped me learn so much about myself, others and the world around us in the last round of camp and while he can no longer help me physically, (and believe me, I’ve typed out several text messages to him& his wonderful wife Annie to relay to him before I remember he is no longer with us) I know he’ll still be there helping me every step of the way. If you haven’t heard their story yet, visit for more info.

Peace out Girl Scouts,


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