The Next Step

Hello Friends,

First off, it’s the end of January. At this very moment my current place of residence, Reedsburg, Wisconsin, is under a flood watch. Yes, a flood watch. So random! And it is a definite watch- camp is gross with rain!

Anyway, the question of where I am going next year and what I will be doing has been weighing heavily on me in the recent weeks. Do I pursue media? Do I work for a Church in a youth setting? Do I just do something completely different? With all those thoughts in mind, I have been applying to a multitude of jobs that span all of those categories and have had a total of 1 interview. When I say a multitude, I’m referring to 50+ businesses and parishes across the country– New York to California, all the way down to Texas and Florida! At this point, I’m really willing to go wherever God puts me…though I am extremely hesitant about returning to Cleveland. But if I’m supposed to be there, God will find a way!

My only interview thus far has been with NET ministries. They are a traveling ministry (NET stands for National Evangelization Team) who travel across the country ministering the Catholic faith to middle and high school students. The interview itself was challenging and at the end of the first night, I wasn’t even sure if it was meant for me. But the second day was filled with talks, prayer and small group time that rejuvenated me and reminded me WHY I have been called to this life and this ministry. It’s certainly not easy and it could even be called exhausting at times, but knowing that I can play a small role in developing the faith of so many youth is a beautiful gift God has bestowed upon me. I am so blessed to be called to this and would love to continue in this ministry if the Lord so desires.

Now, the logistics. I know that this is not a well paying job. I know that this means deferring loans (again!). I know this means support raising and having to temporarily move home to earn enough money to pay for airfare to& from Minnesota at Christmas and again in May 2014 at the end of the term. (And probably August 2013 to start my term) I know this means giving up even more than I already do now, including a stable home. (In NET, you live with Host families. Sometimes you’re there up to 3 weeks, sometimes only for a night depending on where you are placed.)

So that’s what the next step looks like now. I really don’t know what the next step is yet. Hopefully I will in the next few days. (For my sake and for my current team’s sake! It is driving me BANANAS with the waiting!!) Until then, please pray that I will know God’s will and be able to effectively serve wherever He places me. And if you have any job leads, send them my way!


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