304 sick

Hi everyone,

Well, it’s happened. And quite frankly, I’m surprised I’ve been able to avoid it this long. Yep, I’m 304 sick. In other words, I’m really missing Erie, my sorority sisters, Gannon and especially my roommate Steph and all our frequent visitors to our apartment, 304.

Tonight I happened to speak to 5 of my sorority sisters either via text or in a phone call and I got to text Steph. (Well, we left her a lovely voicemail too!) After hanging up with my little, it hit me how much I wish they were all just down the hall or a couple blocks away instead of 12 hours and several hundred miles away!

I miss going out with the fab 5, having Dance Moms viewing parties with Steph and old people dinner hour with the comm club/mean girls, amongst other things. I know God was right in bringing me here to Wisconsin and I am beyond thankful for the things I have learned about myself, my faith, and others and I am also eternally grateful for the opportunity to work on things that I would have never changed had I stayed in Erie or Cleveland. However, when I read about RUSH week or ABST leader applications going out or about how my friends are owning their respective sports and making Gannon proud, I really wish I was there to cheer them on!

It’s up in the air right now, but hopefully Steph and I will be reunited the first weekend of October. Prices have increased drastically for the megabus so I’m working on figuring out if a trip to Minneapolis is possible. Hopefully the answer is yes so I can see her and 1/5 of the fab 5, Kayla, and experience a new city. Most of all I just want to sit with them and a cup of coffee and catch up on life. In person and not over Skype. That’s not the same.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the depressing post. We knew it was going to happen sometime, right? All is well at camp and I’m pumped to meet the next group of 8th graders tomorrow.

Peace, Beth


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