Homestretch (of this half)

Hello friends,

We are in the homestretch! As we say here at camp– that is cray-cray! I cannot believe I’ll be home in a week’s time &will be taking on year round fun in the week after that.

Last week was a blast. I was with the settler boys again and man, they were the epitome of little boys. I laughed A LOT and had to just let things go A LOT! I was sad to see them go at the weeks end but I had the opportunity to work with Max, one of the most beloved counselors here. Max is what some might call obnoxious, loud or perhaps child-like, but all the kids respond incredibly well to him and he does fabulously with some of the more difficult campers. I learned a lot from him and really enjoyed myself.

I was especially glad I had picked up some of Max’s tricks on Friday night when I got the news that I would be a head counselor this week!!!!!

You see, for the past 8.5 sessions I was a cocounselor and a member of program staff, which means I fill in a lot of different places and work with a lot of different kids. Often, cocounselors get only limited interaction with their cabin during the day because they are covering breaks for other counselors or setting things up for night activities. I love that job and appreciate how much work goes into being on program staff, however I have started to think more and more about wanting to try head counseling as the summer has gone on. I was thrilled to hear that Reba, our director, thought I could do it and granted my placement request.

What is different about head counseling? Well to start, I am the first one our kids should go to with problems or sleeping things or for questions. I have the opportunity to be in just one pod this week for the whole morning, so I’ll be with every kid. In the afternoon I am the one overseeing rest time, distributing mail and making sure we get to swim and choice time on time. This week, unlike before ,I am NOT around during these times, I am on my breaks. After dinner I’ll be making sure we are at our night activities on time, that we do devotions (I’m planning them too), that we get ready for bed and get to sleep on time.

So far my group had been great. I have settlers, the youngest age group but I have the oldest group of them. All the girls are entering 5th grade. They have a maturity level of maybe 4th grade, but they listen really well and are eager to help and follow directions. We are named the Duck Party and are known to quack and waddle in a gaggle. It’s adorable.

I can’t wait for the rest of the week, as we celebrate our birthday theme and have our devotions tie into that. (last night we discussed God’s gift to us of creation and how we use that gift with love and respect. Tonight we’ll be talking about Jesus’ birth and how Christmas is the ultimate birthday party) we also have a big birthday party SCAT night planned for Wednesday and a slumber party for Thursday night, our last night together. I am pumped!

I ask that you pray this week for our health, as after 9 weeks, we are deteriorating and getting sick. We need strength and love to minister fully to our kids. I also ask that you remember our director Jeff, as he has his bone marrow transplant on Wednesday. you can read his blog here

Peace, Beth


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