Soccer and more

Hi everyone!

I apologize again for the lack of updates but this week has been so fun-filled I have forgotten!

Last weekend was Carolyn’s wedding and I was honored to be a part of it. It was a lot of fun seeing my Gannon friends.



After the wedding my mom and I left Pittsburgh early Sunday so we could get to the reopening Mass at St. Pats in time. All I can say is WOW!


This last week I had the best time– I was put with a settler boy cabin full of 2-5th graders. I have never been so pumped through the whole week! The boys had a blast learning about the Lord and learning things typical boys their age struggle with– keeping hands to ourselves, eating all our food before getting more and keeping your clothes on when a girl is in the cabin.

The boys were a lot easier to connect with since I have brothers and mostly male cousins. They were all great listeners however it took them a while to realize that I was one of their counselors. I enjoyed being able to go on a hunt for one of our other counselors &seeing them SO excited when we won the Cassidy games at the last second. (shout out to Frank for saving our cabin a whole lot of tears!!)

After we sent our kids on their way on Friday, we started preparing ourselves for a staff soccer game versus the Jewish camp down the road. We played Saturday and actually won 3-2. I say actually because their team was mostly European. As in, they play this regularly. We had an absolute blast, we loved having a legit uniform and it was great seeing how another camp runs.

20120730-134648.jpg thanks to the Camp Gray Facebook page for the picture!

This week I am with the pathfinders who are entering 8-10th grade. I love being with the little ones but the older ones are a welcome change.

Please know I miss an love you all–just a few more weeks til I am back home for a few days 🙂

Peace, Beth


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