Catch up

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my lack of posting lately!

It’s another week here at camp and I love it. The more challenging the better. But as an update from last week– the kids came home from their trip and I was greeted with a huge group hug in front of the whole camp. It was so great to see them all an hear about their trip. I am officially an explorer now as I went through ritual with them on Tuesday night.

We said goodbye Wednesday but I have a feeling camp will be seeing most of those kids again. We cleaned in RECORD time that day to be able to leave camp (we’re usually done by 7-7:30 and we started our meeting at 5:57 So we were dismissed by 6:35ish!) We celebrated the 4th in the most American way we could think of without fire works (thanks for the drought ban, Saux county!) at famous Dave’s.


On Thursday night a group of us went to a waterpark resort around here called adventure (?) and had a blast! Thanks Shane’s family for giving us their extra bracelets for the day!

Friday morning was greeted with a familiar face! My friend Patrick recently moved to the Madison area from Cleveland for a job at a large company called Epic. His mom came to camp to pick me up so I could spend the night with them and see his workplace. It is the COOLEST place I’ve ever been. Of you’re ever in the area check it out! (after you visit me, of course!)

Here are some snippets:




It was a blast seeing Patrick and catching up since its been a few months. He is the first of three college friends to be moving to the area so I’m glad to have them around!

I’m a lifeline for the village again this week and the group is completely different and twice the size of last weeks. 16 kids! They seem like a good group so I’m ready to get to know them better. Even if it weren’t to work out i vowed to only complain for 2-3 minutes a day this summer. It’s been working so far and I don’t see a reason why I should be complaining– I have a job, they feed me, I have a bed to sleep on and on the weekends there is air conditioning (we pull mattresses into the lobby and sleep there) and I work in a place where God is fully present and loved. I am truly blessed!

Miss you all and I can’t wait to be on the east coast in just 11 days!!

Peace, Beth


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