Cool Aunts and life in the Village

Hi friends and family!

I am writing as a very tired but extremely happy counselor. This past week has been an absolute blast and I have loved every minute in explorer village.

This week my days were a blur of prepping meals, bringing them to the village, watching food prep, sharing meals, watching cleanup, bringing food back to main camp, afternoon shenanigans and devotions. The shenanigans were never the same and never boring. I watched (well, gave the okay to do so) the kids draw a unibrow on the other counselor who fell asleep, helped the kids sneak around camp and played all the best camp activities with them in the dark. Who WOULDN’T want to play panda ball and dodge ball in the dark or swim in the pool at 7am?! They (and I) also had great opportunities for Mass, confession and adoration this week. It was a good week for feeling refreshed in the sacraments.

On Wednesday I went with the group to a place called devils lake to hike and swim and grill out. Oh my gosh. Google devil’s lake trails. Yep. I climbed that. Extremely slowly. Way behind the kids. Crying at one point because of my bad knees. But I made it. And then we climbed down the fallen rock. It was the most inspiring experience ever.

This weekend has been unique as the kids stayed here to be two week campers. On Friday night their counselors were given the night off so another counselor and I hung out, made dinner, played capture the flag and watched The Lion King with them and spent the night in the village with them. Except they have cabins. I was in a tent. It was fine until we were about to go to bed at 12:30am when the girls started screaming bloody murder. Yep, they discovered the mouse family in their cabin. I am NOT a fan of rodents so I stayed safely zipped in my tent while the boys rescued the clan and put them in the woods. Ugh. Of all nights for the mice to appear! On the other hand, I was really proud that I made it in a tent alone in the woods all night without a major freak out. And got sleep too!

We sent the kids off on a canoe trip today with some other counselors and I told some of the remaining staff that I felt like I was sending my own kids off! They gave me a big group hug before they left and I reminded them off things for the trip like making sure one camper was careful not to rip any more pairs of shorts (the poor kid ripped 2 so far!) or reminding another to salute the dealer during the card game MOW since that was the rule that always slipped him up. They all asked if I’d be waiting by the camp arch when they got home and though I won’t be at the arch, I told them I’d be eagerly anticipating their return.

They are a big family in the village and call me “Cool Aunt Beth”. Maybe that’s for letting them color on Frank with markers or because one morning I had a hard time navigating the kitchen and showed up with frozen bagels, peanut butter, jelly, cream cheese, chocolate chips, coffee, milk, oatmeal and fruit snacks for their fruit. (the apples were MIA that day!) Either way, or for something else, I love it. And cracked up when some of the littlest boys on camp adopted the name when I ate a few meals with them on main camp. Only cool aunts persuade kids to eat all their carrots by eating her meal with no hands in return… Right?! (Side note: eating with no hands, no utensils or eyes closed are daily occurrences here at camp. As is licking your plate to clean it. Love that!)

This week I don’t have a cabin group since it is a short week and the explorers will be back Tuesday evening and everyone goes home Wednesday evening. That’s okay because last week wore me out and I had a 24 hour bug Friday and Saturday which is still making me feel less than 100%. I feel like its starting to go around camp so hopefully I only get it once. And hopefully it only hit two of us and the rest will remain bug free. (one guy was starting to feel it last night and today)

This week will involve me catching up with my letter writing– I counted I believe 5-6 I need to respond to so hopefully this week! It’s also the beginning of new trends. This week we are instituting Minion Mondays (have you seen Despicable Me ? No? Do it!)for the ladies on staff and Wolfpack Wednesday for the gentleman. Thanks to Wal-Mart for carrying awesome and cheap shirts. Pictures to come soon.

Peace and prayers to you all,


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