Best week!

Dear friends and family,

I am absolutely 100% in love with this week! And it’s only Monday!

This week my job title is lifeline, which means I am with some of the oldest campers. The explorer village houses rising sophomore, junior and senior high school students. They cook their own food and basically decide what to do every day. Essentially, my job is to bring the food they will be cooking out to them from main camp and to be there with them in the afternoons when their counselors are on break. However, these kids are way too cool not to hang out down there more. The other lifeline this week, Frank, and I are free to spend more time out there if we wish and we certainly plan on doing so. We were out there for devotions last night and plan on trying to make all devos for the week. We are not required to eat with them either but we plan on that as well.

Most of the village life is top secret, reserved knowledge for only those who have lived and worked in the vill. It is exciting for Frank and I because we are learning the traditions and stories right along with them. The kids are here for 10 days so their ritual night won’t be until next week. We plan on trying to attend as we cannot participate until we have gone through it ourselves. Crazy fun!

One big part of explorers is not being seen by main camp so it involves a lot of sneaking around. So much, in fact, the kids chose to swim at 7am today. Let me tell you, walking up to the pool at 7:05 and finding out they had already been in for a good 15 minutes made me wake up pretty quick. They’d been in the pool as long as I’d been awake!!

This week I am really looking forward to diving deeper into the faith with the kids and seeing what they teach me. It’s totally different than being with our tiny settlers and I love it.

I should also mention this week I am working on my driving skills. Fun fact, I don’t have my drivers license! The directors of camp had to look it up of I was allowed to drive a golf cart anyway and it turns out that I am! Our golf cart has its own quirks so it takes some practice. Reba, our director, suggested that Frank and I take it out to the athletic field and let me practice. I don’t know who is more nervous/amused by the situation. I drove to the village last night and its not TOO horrible. Who knows, maybe I’ll come home and get my license!

Thank you for all the mail I have been receiving and know I am working on responses and sending extra prayers your way!

Peace, Beth


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