Hi friends,

Just a quick post before the kids get here! This weekend was a great time. I stayed on camp Friday and took a glorious, completely uninterrupted 2 hour nap. We watched Braveheart which I still don’t like, and I got a nice talk with my mom. We stayed up pretty late for girl talk but it was completely worth it!

Yesterday, Saturday, my friend Shane and I went to Madison for the day. It’s named the most liveable city in America and I would say its pretty close! We got there about noon and went home after 4 and I only spent a total of $6!! We had lunch at UW Madison and tried to creep on one of our fellow counselors who was in a student government meeting. We found the room but unfortunately couldn’t see Sean from the doorway.

We then went to the Capitol building and it was beautiful!


We ended the day at the zoo. Which was FREE!! It was a lot smaller than Cleveland’s (we walked fast and covered the whole place in about 35 minutes) but we want to go back to see the penguins who already went in for the day.

20120617-140912.jpg They also had strange rules about orangutans and gorilla interaction, which the Cleveland zoo lets happen. Here you have to stand pretty still and not make eye contact.

We plan to go back and explore the town more soon with some people who know the city as neither Shane nor I had ever been to the city.

My new campers come today and this time I have girls entering 2-5th grade. There are 10 of them so I am not sleeping in the room as there are not enough bunks. I will be in a staff room next door but I am the lightest sleeper of the three counselors (or so I hear) so I told the co-counselors they are welcome to wake me when needed during the night. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my clean camp apparel. My shirt that I have in support of our camp director, Jeff, who is battling cancer, is dirty right now. (well, the staff one will be dirty soon too since I have to wear it today)

Peace and Happy Father’s Day!



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