Mini-Camp and beyond!

Hello friends!

We survived round 1 of campers from mini-week! We had some mishaps along the way but not a single kid noticed so it was great.

We got our first experiences with a lot of things that helped prepare us for what is to come. We crammed every exciting thing we do in a week at camp into 48 hours!

We started with choice times which are usually split up by age groups and the kids generally only get to pick from 2-3 things. However, now they had ALL the choices so we all kind of did different activities than usual. I helped with archery for the first two periods with 2 other counselors. It was a little challenging having 2-8th graders all together and trying to engage them all at their level but we made it work successfully. On day 2 of choices we only had one period and this time I was assigned to football. Myself, another counselor and 13 little boys headed out to the athletic field to play ball. I was the head referee/first aid person/ coach of the defense. The boys would tell you it was hilarious since I had to have them explain to me what the other counselor was saying. Needless to say, football is not my strong suit.

We had a very epic game of CTF that involved 100 campers and 45+ staff members. Both teams scored at the last second however the ball carrier for the red team had a longer arm than blue so they ended up getting there first and winning the game.

My cabin ladies contributed to the Cassidy games by being table number 1 at breakfast, they won the golden dust pan award for cleanest cabin and one of my girls scored the first point in CTF. It was an exciting day for the excited little flowers!

After the campers left last night we, the staff, were allowed to leave camp do many of us went to a local establishment called the green owl. We celebrated two staff members 21st birthdays as well as surviving mini camp. It was nice to have grown up conversation (and a grown up drink!) after the long week.

Today, we cleaned all of camp and ended staff training in a HUGE way! I should preface the story by saying there is a lot of emphasis of going full circle. We started staff training strong and want to remain strong until the final week of camp. One of the first things we did as a staff was have air mail delivered from a remote control airplane. Today, WE HAD A FREAKING HELICOPTER LAND ON THE ATHLETIC FIELD!!!!! Seriously! It was so ridiculously crazy! The helicopter held two former staff members who delivered a briefcase the held a banner and cross necklaces for the new staff. Such a sweet way to end training.

We are now off for the rest of the weekend. Shane and I might head into Madison tomorrow but I am really looking forward to reorganizing my things and preparing for this upcoming week. I am co-counseling settlers who are entering 2-5th grade. I am really looking forward to working with this age group. My counselor, Brittany, is super sweet and we have a really cool theme planned for the girls. I am so excited!

Peace and prayers,


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