Campers are here!

Hello everyone!

The past two days have been incredibly crazy busy so I apologize for missed Skype dates and the lack of phone calls.

Yesterday we wrapped up the big chunk of staff training (we have a little more Thursday after our kids leave and Friday) and finished up our version of the Cassidy games. After losing both softball and capture the flag earlier in the week, as well as losing 2/3 rounds of panda ball AND losing the water battle, my faithful red team came together when it mattered most and WON the pond race to win the games!!!!!!! We were SO excited!

After the games our Emmaus group got to see what some cool Thursday night fun activities could be with our cabin. My group ran into our rooms and quickly changed into all black. We met at a predetermined location and proceeded to sneak through camp ducking behind trees and crawling behind buildings until we reached the kitchen where we performed a very exciting and very tricky pantry raid. We were nearly caught, but the black saved the day. We then built a campfire and made s’mores and ate cupcakes. I am TOTALLY doing that again this summer.

This morning we woke up super excited because CAMPERS WERE COMING!!! we took the time to clean camp (yes, mom, I cleaned bathrooms and swept the pool deck and picked up some sticks!!) before getting our staff shirts and having our final meeting before the kids came. My assignment for check in was health screenings to help make sure paperwork was in order and to help answer some parent questions. I LOVED it! I got to meet kids in all age groups an help some worried parents.

I met up with my cabin later and helped with a tour, dinner (my dainty excited little flowers only ate 2 family style bowls of spaghetti. One table of little boys ages 7-10 had 8 bowls!!) and rules for some places on camp.

This evening we had our “rip roaring foot stomping don’t get too close cause you’ll singe your eyebrows off ” campfire. Yours truly acted as mc and wore the embarrassing getup I donned last week in our fashion parade. A good 30 campers are taking pictures of me dressed like that home to mom and dad. Well, yolo.

My cabin is sweet and I like the girls. I was happy to be put in St. Therese because it is named for St. Therese Lisieux, otherwise known as the little flower. She is a saint I am incredibly fond of and have prayed to for help many times. I looked at it as a sign of good things and know I’m getting a little extra help this week.

I best be getting to sleep- we have an extremely busy day tomorrow and mine starts with 7am mass!

I am praying for you all and hope you have a good day. Please feel free to let me know what’s going on in the world. I feel extremely out of the loop!!

Peace, Beth


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