The day of rest

Hello friends!

Today was filled with many fun things. First, I got to sleep in until 8:30!!! It really was a big difference from 7:25.

We began the day with 10:30 mass in Baraboo at St. Joseph. It was nice to be able to go as a whole staff and see some of our future campers.

After Mass, our boss, Topher, announced that he had saved enough scoopy points to get all of us free kids meals at culver’s. (there is quite the process to doing this for 45 people and it was almost 3 years in the making!) So off we headed to culver’s.


Clearly you need a picture with Scoopy himself when you go to culver’s. I was a bit intimidated by him (he’s a giant ice cream cone with hands!) so thank you Steve and Brad for posing with me 🙂 The end result of culver’s was that it was alright and the custard was not as good as east coast custard in Cleveland. But good attempt, midwest. Also, cheese curds? Just mozzarella bites. Big letdown.

We came back to camp and did some work. The new staff got to go to the stables and see the horses. That is something I definitely would like to do this summer so I’m excited to get the opportunity to go riding.

We had the rest of the day off beginning at 3:30. I went with a big chunk of the staff to the local laundromat. It’s nice to have clean shorts again. Well, I have enough shorts to last 3 weeks but I like having a multitude of clean clothes.

After laundry we all separated and went off in our cars to do different things. I went to dinner with my car at a Mexican restaurant called Mexicali Rose. The food was alright and we had a good view of the river. Our waiter REALLY didn’t like us. I’ll say that it’s because Shane asked what the soup of the day was (they apparently don’t have one on Sunday.) and also asked for more water. He would say that its because I asked what seafood was in the chimichangas and the waiter didn’t know the English word for imitation crab and because I asked for separate checks. Make your own conclusions.


Thanks to Emily, Shane, David and Brad for eating with me!

It’s been a great day off and it was cool to see the Dells. I’m rejuvenated, thankful and ready for tomorrow which is THE LAST DAY OF STAFF TRAINING!!! Our first set of campers will be here Tuesday 🙂

Peace, Beth

Ps thanks to my sweet Christ friend Taylor for the picture taking at dinner. Here’s a shot of us together



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