Jobs and other fun stuff

Hi everyone!

It’s nearing the end of another great but very tiring day at camp. Seriously, it’s taking all I have to stay up and write this instead of heading to bed (and it’s only 10:30!!) so forgive me if this is brief(er)

Today we dove into the life of a camper while here at camp. We explored cabin time, swim time, choice time and our pod activities. Choice time is a time of day where 4-5 counselors lead activities of their choosing. Literally anything. To model some ideas, our administrative team hosted 2 choice time activities each. I chose for the first round to go to the costume cage and find a ridiculous outfit (orange pants with hot pink cheetah print, a purple and white Hawaiian shirt and a patriotic hat for me) and parading around camp to show the staff. Other groups played capture the flag (CTF) pinecone war, sidewalk chalking a map of the USA and using a parachute. Like the big kind of parachute. The kind from gym class. I’m having trouble remembering what was offered the second time but I learned to make a rosary bracelet.

We also got our pod assignments today as well. These are things campers will get to do at least once while at camp. My pod is labeled the xtreme pod. I and 5 others will be helping the campers with mountain biking, archery and going ballistic. Going ballistic is fun science experiments like 2 liter car races and egg drops. It’s interesting for sure.

We met some campers and their families tonight at a dinner/ q&a panel. The kids are great and were good insight to what’s to come in the next 10 weeks.

Other than that, life is good. My body is so sore but in a good way. I’m getting used to being on the move all day every day again. I’m working on a sweet tan and loving being around people my age who are as in love with God, if not more, than I am.

Until tomorrow…

Peace, Beth

P.S. my hand is much better today. I promise. Thanks for the concern, Mom 🙂


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