Conquering fears one day at a time

Hi everyone!

Staff training is going wonderfully and I am slowly conquering fears. And not just little, eww bugs on me fears. Like big fears!

Yesterday we did a group team building activity where we had to pull people over an 11 foot wall without steps or a ladder or anything. I am VERY afraid of heights. I don’t like being up high and in April a kid I knew at Gannon fell off the balcony at his fraternity house and died. Trusting 50 people who are were practically strangers to not let me fall and get me up and over was really hard for me. But I did it! In fact, we got all of us over! I was so scared but hearing everyone cheering me on and being so supportive was wonderful. I also said MANY prayers to Jason before during and after I went up there.

Today, I continued to conquer that fear of heights by getting trained to belay for the rock wall. I didn’t climb YET but I think I will soon. Instead I learned how to hold the rope from the ground. It’s hard work! Call it lucky or not, my climber slipped a few times so I got to practice locking the rope to steady her. I was really lucky to have my boss, Paul, there with me to help show me what to do.

The big camp tradition, the Cassidy games (insert singing here) kicked off tonight between the staff. We had a softball game tonight and though my dear red team lost horribly (something like 21-6) we had such a fun time. The games commence every week with the campers, so it’s fun to get a taste of it before the kids come.

I received my first injuries the past 48 hours. I have wood burn on my arms and thighs from the wall and I have a bruised hand and sore muscles from belaying. Here’s a shot of my hand:


I’m filled with a lot of camp information, new meal prayers, chants and songs. I’m also filled with prayers too. Please know I am praying for you all and I ask for prayers too. (maybe a tube of Chapstick mailed to me too? hint hint mom) it’s off to the lake to see the stars. Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

Peace, Beth


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