Training Day 1

Hi everyone!

Staff training is well underway and I’ve said it before& I’ll say it again- I am SO blessed to be here with these people! Seriously, I could not have asked for a better group to work with this summer.

Last night we received our emmaus (sp?) groups and our Christ friend. Our Christ friend is a fellow staff member that you have to (not have to but a fellow staff member that is there just for you) specifically connect with and to ensure you have one solid friend here. They picked names out of a hat and it felt like getting my little in my sorority all over again. (no worries, little. I still love you very much!) I might be biased but I clearly got the best Christ friend. Her name is Taylor and has been to camp for a few summers so I’m glad to have someone to go to with my questions as well as to hold me accountable for my faith goals this summer.

My emmaus group, also known as the orange group, is quite the cast of characters. We came in last place in a scavenger hunt last night in quite the hilarious fashion. The rest of camp cheered for us as we finally showed up to save Topher, our fearless leader. We’ll be meeting together frequently throughout the summer to meet and talk about camp and what is happening.

Today I got my keys for camp and my official tour. I’d like to mention I found my mailbox and was beyond excited to see that I already got mail!! Thanks Jen and Kayla!! 🙂 So yep, mail reaches me quickly and I’d love to get more!!

Other than that, you should all know that God is really working here. It’s been a very long time since I’ve become emotional in Mass and I will admit I cried last night during the consecration (it just took 4 people to spell that) Yep, I definitely cried. It was so powerful and made me so happy and excited to be here serving God. This week I get to meet with Fr. Tim, our chaplain, for a meal. He was ordained just a year ago so it’s awesome to have a younger priest. I’m really pumped to get to know him over the course of the next year. I’ve also gotten a chance to meet Kevin, who is in the seminary, and Mo-T (short for Mother Theresa) who is entering the convent in the fall. They were talking with us the other night about how they knew when God was calling them to the religious life. It was interesting to hear about how God connects with different people.

I’m pumped and energized and being extremely well taken care of. And my reliance on caffeine? Almost gone. Well, until last night when we had coke while sitting in lawn chairs on the bbbc (that’s the basketball court). Don’t ask me why. It’s a camp tradition!

Please keep me and the camp staff, especially our executive director Jeff, who is battling cancer, in your prayers. You are all in mine and know that I am praying here A LOT! 🙂

Peace, Beth


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