Get Ready, Get Set….

Hi Everyone!

In just about 72 hours (give or take a few) I will be at Camp! I’m getting most of my things together (really, Mom! I have a plan!) but if you know me, you’ll know I DESPISE packing. Really. Almost more than unpacking! But I did most of my shopping and got all the necessities I need… like my hot pink watch, Disney Princess beach towels (yes, two of them!) and my new Chacos sandals. They’re….well, camp material. Not what I’d wear normally but the rest of the camp staff is swearing by them. Thanks, Dad!

I talked to Camp today and found out I will indeed be living with the campers which was something we weren’t sure about when I got hired. There was a possibility that I would be in my house already, but I think this will better connect me with camp. I’m getting really excited to meet the staff I’ve been talking to on Facebook for a while now (Mark Zuckerberg, if I didn’t already appreciate your website, I certainly do now!) and I’m eager to meet the campers that will join us over the summer.

Though I’m excited, I will obviously miss a lot of things back here in the eastern time zone, I heard today that the Rib Fest in Erie started. MMMM! If you’re in Erie, GO TO PERRY SQUARE! It’s such a fun festival! I’ll also miss my friends and my family and the things that’ll happen while I’m gone. Like the re-opening of my Church! Today marks the two year anniversary of St. Pat’s closing, but I have high hopes of it being open again by the time I come home for Thanksgiving. THAT would be an awesome homecoming! 

To help with my homesickness (its inevitable. I’ll try to prolong it as much as possible, but not seeing my mom until the end of July and then not til Thanksgiving? Yep, it’ll happen!) I am making a shameless plug for snail-mail. A little known fact about me is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE sending and receiving letters/postcards. So I am pledging that if you happen to drop a note in the mail telling me what is happening at home or school (or wherever you are!) or that you’re simply praying for me and the people I’m with, you’ll get one in return! (You’ll obviously get special prayers too!) I bought some pretty fun notecards back in Erie just in preparation for such an event!

My address will be:

Beth Gaertner
E10213 Shady Lane Road 
Reedsburg, WI 53959

This is a pretty long post so kudos to all of you who read the whole thing. I’ll leave you with two final thoughts. This New York Times article discusses the debate between Camp Counselor and Intern. Which is better in the long run? I feel like I could have written it. It says everything I’m thinking! And this YouTube video says everything I think my parents are feeling. Get Ready, Get Set, Please don’t go. (And yes, it is Billy Ray Cyrus. I’ll admit that unlike his daughter, he has some snazzy songs!)

Talk to you all from Wisconsin!

Peace, Beth


PS-If you’re looking for an exciting Friday night, join my family in Columbus for the State Championship Rugby Game! St. Eds vs. Cincinnati Moeller. It’ll be the first time in 7 years we have a new state champ, regardless of the outcome. Good luck to St. Eds and to Matt & Danny Gaertner, especially! It’s all about the  E!!


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