8 days! and What I’m doing at Camp

Hello Friends and Family!

I’ve created this blog to keep everyone up-to-date with my adventures during the next year. As you may or may not (well, you do now) know, I have accepted a position as a missionary at Camp Gray in Reedsburg, WI. Camp Gray refers to the team of missionaries as the SaLT missionaries. SaLT refers to Servant Leadership Team.

I will be on two different contracts for the year. One is just for summer, as Camp Gray, much like Camp Chris here at home, does 1 week sessions of overnight camp. In the summer I will be on the programming staff. There I will be leading programs such as arts and crafts, sidewalk chalk, music, hiking, etc. Most of you know, I’m a klutz and traditionally haven’t been very outdoorsy. Welp, as I’m sure I’ll hear a lot this summer- YOLO! (That’s You Only Live Once)

Once the kids are back in school, I’ll start my official SaLT contract. With the SaLT team, I will be helping with retreats and shorter overnights that come to camp. According to the Camp Gray website, “Our Servant Leadership Team (SaLT) Missionaries are passionate, energetic, and fun recent college graduates who have been called to serve in camp’s unique year-round ministry leading spiritual, team building, and environmental retreats and much more!” 

I leave in just over a week (8 days!) to get to Reedsburg in time to be Virtus trained by the diocese of Madison and start training with the summer staff. There is lots to be done before that including some shopping, seeing all the friends and family I won’t see until Thanksgiving and some very important rugby games!

You might not know but my youngest brother Matt and my cousin Danny are playing for St. Ed’s Rugby “A side” and if they win the game in Hudson tomorrow, they will play for the state championship on June 1 in Columbus. Go Eagles!!

If something exciting happens before that, I’ll let you all know. Otherwise, the next post will be from Wisconsin!

Peace, Beth


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